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Sultan Musa Ghiatuddin Riayat Shah of Selangor

The account of the seventh Sultan of the Malaysian territory of Selangor can read marginally contrastingly the contingent upon who is recounting the story. This is for the most part a direct result of the conditions encompassing

Princess Pingyang of China

Nowadays, radical women’s activists could have one acknowledge as valid with that amid regular, pre-present day social orders young ladies had been unavoidably managed as things, had been persecuted and never permitted to uncover what they have

Godfrey of Bouillon, the Holy Sepulcher supporter

It was on this day in 1099 that Godfrey of Bouillon was chosen “Supporter of the Holy Sepulcher” and the main leader of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem at the triumphant peak of the First Crusade. It

The Obamas Meet Royalty

In his first abroad excursion as President and First Lady the Obamas have made a few tongues sway over their cooperation with sovereignty. Might it be able to be the straightforward missteps of the New World versus

Princess Fawzia of Egypt

In spite of the fact that the primary spouse of the last Shah of Iran was to have a short remain on the planet spotlight, she has never been overlooked. She was conceived Her Sultanic Highness Princess