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The More Things Change, The More Things Stay the Same for Syria

As most know, as of late, out of the blue (or if nothing else the first run through formally admitted to) the United States has made direct move against the Syrian administration of eye-specialist turned Ba’athist despot

On the Subject of Saudi Arabia

Yesterday was the national occasion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, denoting the unification of the nation in 1932. What does this particularly make a difference to me for? Indeed, nowadays, tell somebody you are a monarchist

The Caliph of Islam in Turkey

it was on March 3, 1924, that the last Muslim caliphate was formally abrogated and Abdul Mejid II, the last Caliph of Islam (and beneficiary to the last Ottoman Sultan, his cousin) was expelled from his position

Princess Fawzia of Egypt

In spite of the fact that the primary spouse of the last Shah of Iran was to have a short remain on the planet spotlight, she has never been overlooked. She was conceived Her Sultanic Highness Princess