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Monarchism in Ecuador

I had been dubiously comfortable with the monarchist history of Ecuador however was as of late put on to some more data regarding the matter by one of my companions in low places. There were really endeavors

Vote-based system and the legislative issues of narrow mindedness

A vote based system enables government to mirror the will of the general population. Or on the other hand isn’t that right? Here I might want to comprehend somewhat better the elements through which radical right populism

The Caliph of Islam in Turkey

it was on March 3, 1924, that the last Muslim caliphate was formally abrogated and Abdul Mejid II, the last Caliph of Islam (and beneficiary to the last Ottoman Sultan, his cousin) was expelled from his position

The Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires: Friends toward the end

In the past the Ottoman Empire was the superpower that sprawled crosswise over three landmasses, extending from the fringes of Persia, over the Middle East, North Africa and up into southern Europe. The Christian forces trembled at